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Dog Bite Accidents in Southfield, Michigan

Recovering From a Dog Bite

Every year, millions of people suffer from dog bites due to the carelessness of dog owners. Most of these bites are minor in severity, but many of them can cause painful injuries, disfiguring scars and even serious illness if the dog is unvaccinated. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, make The Lobb Law Firm your first point of contact after receiving medical attention.
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What We Can Do

When you turn to us, our involved lawyers will do everything possible to ensure that you are taken care of. First, we will determine whether legal action will be beneficial to you. If you have a case, we will be the ones to mediate with the dog owners and their insurance on your behalf. In the unlikely event that we fail to reach a settlement with them, we will take legal action and file a lawsuit.
Our attorneys will offer you full support and make you aware of your entitlements. As an accident victim, you have rights to compensation for medical treatment, lost income and emotional suffering.

The Michigan Dog Bite Statute

The Michigan Dog Bite Statute holds dog owners completely liable for the actions of their pets. The only exception is when the animal has been provoked. Contact our personal injury attorneys if you have suffered a dog bite injury. We will take fast action to help you recover from this unexpected event.

Act Quickly

A surefire way to ensure your success in your case is to act quickly. Your time frame to file a lawsuit is limited. Call us today for a free consultation.

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