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Personal Injury Law Firm in Southfield, Michigan

Recovering From Your Injuries

Life is unpredictable. With all the surprises life brings, accidents will always be an inevitable part of it. When you or a loved one suffers injury or trauma as a result of another person, you have certain rights and entitlements. One of them is to file a personal injury claim. If you decide that this decision is right for you, The Lobb Law Firm is there to assist you with the process with compassion and vigilance.
Personal Injury

Defining Personal Injury Law

The Lobb Law Firm defines personal injury law as cases involving an injury caused by another person who is to be held liable for the damages. Some of these cases include auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractices and wrongful death. Personal injury lawsuits require you to prove the fault of the responsible party. Fault can include negligence or failure of another person to avoid harming you.
Our experienced lawyers can help prove the responsible person’s negligence by proving that a reasonable person would have acted differently in the defendant’s situation. Once the court sees the validity in this claim, the defendant will be forced to reimburse you for your injuries and other damages caused by their recklessness.

Aggressive, Sympathetic and Professional

At our firm, one of our primary goals is to reduce your burden by dealing with the legal formalities so you can focus on your recovery. Our expert legal team will represent you in and out of court and tirelessly fight for your rights to compensation. We’ll also provide you with helpful advice to guide you toward a resolution. The Lobb Law Firm will make the legal system work for you.

File Your Claim

Whether or not you believe you have a case, bring it to us. We’ll compile evidence to convince the court that you deserve medical reimbursement. Call us today for your free case consultation.

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