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Social Security Lawyer in Southfield, Michigan

Ensuring Your Livelihood

Being unable to work due to disability is frustrating. If you haven’t already applied for Social Security disability benefits, The Lobb Law Firm will help you understand how they can potentially ensure your financial livelihood for the duration of the condition’s existence. Many people who apply on their own aren’t approved and struggle to make ends meet. If this is you, our team will prove that you are deserving of benefits and obtain your rightful reimbursement.
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Why to Get Legal Help

Having a persuasive lawyer on your side as you pursue your Social Security disability dispute can drastically increase your odds of receiving benefits. With four decades of dealing with Social Security-related cases, we have the experience and knowledge you need to provide effective reports and documentation and win your case. We’ll also greatly reduce your stress by representing you in your hearing with the Social Security Administration.

Once we’ve won your case, your legal fees are covered by your benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Your Rights in Michigan

The federal government created the Social Security Act for those who cannot work due to serious impairments, entitling them to receive benefits. You may be eligible to receive these benefits regardless of your income level. There is also Supplemental Security Income for those suffering from impairments to cover low-income families.

Claim Your Benefits

Living with a disability is difficult enough without becoming destitute. Don’t allow yourself to get to this point. Come to The Lobb Law Firm, and let us help you claim the benefits you need and deserve.

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