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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Southfield, Michigan

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have been injured at work or diagnosed with an occupational illness, you are probably covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage is a preventative measure that protects you in the event of workplace accidents or disease onset during your employment. The coverage entitles you to benefits such as medical bill reimbursement, rehabilitation coverage and other compensation while you are incapacitated.
Your employer is responsible for paying these benefits through the company’s compensation insurance. The insurance covers physical and mental injury, repeated trauma and occupational diseases.

Seeking Compensation

Let your employer know immediately if you have been injured on the job or have developed a disease related to your job. Your time frame to qualify for benefits may be limited. You should also seek medical care for your injuries and make sure your physician know that the accident happened at work. After being treated, contact our devoted workers’ compensation lawyers to guide you through the application process.

Our Role

At The Lobb Law Firm, our qualified attorneys are here to help you every step of the way as you apply for benefits or appeal a denied claim. If you don’t feel your benefits are sufficient upon approval or are accused of workers’ compensation fraud, we will take it upon ourselves to handle the legal formalities until we reach a fair settlement.

Your Rights Under Michigan Law

Under Michigan law, you can lay claim to benefits for work injuries or occupational diseases from your employer’s insurance company even if your employer is not at fault. Your benefits may be significant and lifelong, so make sure not to miss out on any of your entitlements.

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Get Fair Coverage

Call us immediately to find out which benefits and coverages you qualify for while you are unable to work. Our firm will ensure that you are treated fairly and have sufficient funds to cover your losses. 

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